Breakfast Time

by Rufio Jones

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This is the third time (or fifth time depending on how you look at last year’s) I’ve made a song for WDIV’s Halloween special. This time, though, it’s not a parody of other songs. It’s a completely original track I wrote and Illingsworth produced. I hope you enjoy.


It’s breakfast time
In Detroit Michigan
The part of the day
That I get my Nutrition in
I don’t really care about
Vitamins and minerals
I just like the mascots
On boxes of cereal

Welcome to Detroit
Here we have a tiger start the day
Emmys not Oscars nor Grammys
Take Tony’s place
Bowl of Frosted Flakes
Fore I get up on the interstate
They’re so much more than good
“They’re GREAT”

She’s got buzz in the D
Don’t have nut allergies
It’s a honey of an O
Together they’re the bees knees
Good goes around and around
I suppose
In London they’re Goodbyes
Round here… Cheerios

Not just for breakfast
It’s for dinner too, and for lunch
No other brand name
Outranks Cap’n Crunch
Great mistake, Oops all berries
Yes I’ll have a bunch
Worth every cut
Of the roof of my mouth and gums

Who knew that rice could
Yield such deliciousness
These siblings did
And they come in a triplicate
Milk hits the cereal
The music never stops
The onomatopoeia squad
Snap Crackle Pop

Hearts, stars, horseshoes,
Clovers and balloons
What do these things have in common?
Well they’re food that’s so
Magically delicious kids try to abscond
So Lucky’s gotta run
“Yer always after me Lucky Charms!”

Chocolate and marshmallow
Mornings are great
(So) How bout a monster
For breakfast today
Count Chocula won’t waste your time up
With numbers
Vampires just wanna
Sweeten up your blood work

Compared to fruit flavors
These carrots ain’t getting it
But Trix are for kids
And this hare is the silliest
Came up with schemes
But the toddlers have bested her
Haven’t seen a rabbit this fly
Since Jessica

Try to live my best life
Daily and nightly
But Life as a cereal
Sounds kinda frightening
My friend here caring for the taste
Is unlikely
[eating cereal]
He likes it!
Hey Mikey!



released October 31, 2018
Written and performed by Rufio Jones
Produced by Illingsworth


all rights reserved



Rufio Jones Detroit, Michigan

I'm a man that used to be a kid that tries to revisit those times through song.

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