People Mover ft. ILLingsworth & Sean Uppercut of Detroit CYDI

from by Rufio Jones

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I wrote this verse with the chimes that play on the Detroit People Mover in my head. I explained to Illingsworth how I wanted the beat to sound and he made it come true. We had to make it a CYDI track.


It's the people mover
This is the people mover
We the people mover
Call Detroit CYDI
If you want the people to move

Next stop is…
Truth is
On this trip
There ain't no stopping this
Where we goin
We don't need roads…
Girl where you goin
You don't need clothes
Cuz it's getting hot
In this son of a bitch
Turn your cool up
To a hundred and 6
(Yeah x2)
Now you got the fever
If you dance up out your shoes
Then just fucking leave 'em
I'm looking sharper
Than a meat cleaver
Move your body
Like its having epileptic seizures
We win with three quarters
And we play for keepers
Detroit is back baby
Shit I'm a believer
We'll punch you
In the mouth
With these Illingsworth sounds
That are pumpin out
Of your speakers
And your earbuds
Either way we fuckin up
You niggas' eardrums


VERSE 2 (Doc Illingsworth)
Dirty ass Converse Chucks
And green polo
Sum his whole life story up
In a meme photo
I read books that only
Serve to make me more depressed
The thread count of my sheets
Is too low for success
Some fights end tight
Some unluckily
Got punched so hard once
A wheelchair materialized up under me
Tis but a scratch
I dig yo positivity but ay
"It's gonna take a miracle" they say
Hola mujer
Hope you kept the gato cleansed
now go and shoot boring music vids
With your mulatto friends
Dummies thought i was dying
When they saw that i lost hair
I like iPhones
But not proprietary software
Windows Phone 8
Samsung cellular
Developers developers
Developers developers
I got moms to buy me Ninja Turtles
When i pressured her
Now i'm forced to fix her computer
When it vexes her


VERSE 3 (Sean Uppercut)
See me, I'm like you
And I enjoy this train
But if i had my way
There would be a few changes
These seats right here?
Uncomfortable. Gaudy.
I'd get them all reupholstered
Like "Yeezy taught me"
And this is Detroit
And in Detroit, times are hard
So we'll accept EBT
WIc checks and bridge cards
It woulda been free
But bartenders need a fee
Cause 5-7 these happy hour
Half price on drinks (they on me)
Every stop... warming stations
For the chill in the winter
So you won't freeze your ass off
At Millinder Center
Replace the soundtrack
From this elevator muzak
And bump Cold Men Young
Clear Soul and Passalac
With the increased revenue
We'll end the recession
Long as City Council
Doesn't bend the progression
Vote Detroit CYDI
And we'll do the expansion
Have the People Mover lookin like
Manoogian Mansion



from Tears of Joy, released November 3, 2013
Lyrics by Rufio Jones, ILLingsworth & Sean Uppercut
Produced by ILLingsworth
Cover photo by Jason Matthews


all rights reserved



Rufio Jones Detroit, Michigan

I'm a man that used to be a kid that tries to revisit those times through song.

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