Representation ft. Mic Phelps of Cold Men Young

from by Rufio Jones

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Phelps recorded this ridiculously dope verse before we knew it would be on this project. I was supposed to be on it then, but I didn't have any inspiration. Once Tears of Joy was definitely going to happen, it re-energized my need to make this song happen.


VERSE 1 (Mic Phelps)
I do poetry and rap
At the same damn time
Smoke weed, fuck hoes
At the same damn time
But a nigga like me
Gotta switch my flow
Roll my L
Then hit my dro
No matter what
I'ma get my dough
I don't care about a whip
Where I can lift my door
I don't need no butler
To get my door
Cook my food
I can get my own
This my thrown
Whole lotta bad women
In my shows
And my skin light tone
Got way more to do
In here
Ask me what I'm
Doing here
I'm in the grill
Like a new veneer
And I'm higher
Than a motherfuckin' souvenir
Blow like there's a
Tuba here
Haters don't know
Who to fear
To boo or cheer
They new to here
And I grew up here
I'm the dude up here
Rep my town
Like I'm the mayor
I'm outa there
My niggas got them pills
Like Omnicare
No Damier
Shades on
Alley and Eye
Frames on
Bitch I'm on my
Vintage shit
Straight up
Independent shit
And yall niggas
The same clones
My lyrics be
Flame thrown
Women say my
Game strong
And they say my
Thang long
Shock G
Same song

Rep your planet
Rep your country
Rep your city
Rep your hood
Whether it's Saturn
Or Detroit
Or it's Inglewood
If that is where you
Lay your head at night
Make sure it's
No matter what's goin on
Around you
Your shit will
Always be good

I guess being good
Ain't good enough
So let me
Just be great
I'm the son
Of a Black Panther
So you know why
I'm irate
And I'm always workin hard
I wish you could see
What's on my plate
Have you seen
What's on my plate? (No)
Potatoes from a box (Gross)
Corn from a can
And some
Quote unquote steak
I try to give you
And keep this life
Uncensored (CANDID)
Life's an adventure
Shout out to the
Girls that scissor (CUTTIN)
You won't find me
Out all night
Or blacked out
On a bender
I'm a masochistic
With capitalist
Ventures (BASHIRA)
But I do love having
Supple nipples in my pincers (ROCK LOBSTER)
Lend me your ear
I'll give you something
To remember (LET'S VAN GOGH)
I am the truth
And Paul Pierce
Is not a contender (BALLIN)
You prob'ly
think I'm lyin
Like the universe defender (VOLTRON)
But that's fine though
On me
Don't waste your time on
Embrace me
And my ADHD
Don't know where
My mind's gone
If you find it
Gimme a call though
Without it
I'm feelin pretty lost out here
Like Waldo
Salute to bankruptcy
Looks like we all broke
So loot I must stash
Like Geraldo


from Tears of Joy, released November 3, 2013
Lyrics by Rufio Jones & Mic Phelps
Produced by ILLingsworth
Photography by Jason Matthews


all rights reserved



Rufio Jones Detroit, Michigan

I'm a man that used to be a kid that tries to revisit those times through song.

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