Tears of Joy

by Rufio Jones

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Patricia Blume
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Patricia Blume The "Tears of Joy" album is by far one of my favorite albums. I say this and mean it because of the realness and the intellectual intelligence coming from and lyrically written by Rufio Jones. The production of the album, done by none other than Illingsworth himself, is also top notch quality! Favorite track: Tears of Joy.
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Tears of Joy is an unlocking of parts of my psyche left hidden away for national security. It's a veritable black box of my brain over uncanny Illingsworth beats. Prepare accordingly for a wild ride.

Photography by Jason Matthews: jasonmatthewsphoto.com
Songs produced by ILLingsworth: illingsworks.bandcamp.com

Watch the 1st video here:

And watch the video in the 1st video here:


released November 3, 2013

Lyrics by Rufio Jones
Produced by ILLingsworth
Photography by Jason Matthews jasonmatthewsphoto.com


all rights reserved



Rufio Jones Detroit, Michigan

I'm a man that used to be a kid that tries to revisit those times through song.

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Track Name: Tears of Joy
These are the life and times
Of a simple boy
That grew into a man
Harping on days of yore
On a slanted field
Don't expect an even score
These are the streets of rage
These are my tears of Joy

November 3rd
I showed up on the scene
Thinkin everything's cool
Not sure if I had
Brighter eyes or a bushier tail
Should've known then
I was goin to hell
Oh well
Somebody should've told
My mom though
There is nothing to enjoy
About Joy Road
So when you see a ramp
That says exit nine…
You better keep drivin
But she didn't
So that's where we livin
And try to make a livin
You just type it
I live it
We all just
Attempt to win
Within this city's limits
But in this land of
Life and death
I thrive in the indifference


I heard gunshots
And told myself
That they were fireworks
That's how I first learned
How a liar works
Folks were so broke
That I may retire first
4 bald wheels
Only fix the worst tire first
No cable
So I watched Jeopardy!
And it helped me understand
A myriad of brighter words
Which is how a writer works
Read a bunch of books
And plagiarize
All their prior works
I can read well
But never well read
I say I hate reading
Turn people's heads red
What they didn't know instead
Is I just had their
Minds read
I already had
All of mankind pegged


I've had friends fight
I've had friends lie
I had friends die
From homicide
And suicide
I've had friends fail
I've had friends survive
I've had friends
Too afraid
To ride their bike outside
(repeats and fades out)
Track Name: People Mover ft. ILLingsworth & Sean Uppercut of Detroit CYDI
It's the people mover
This is the people mover
We the people mover
Call Detroit CYDI
If you want the people to move

Next stop is…
Truth is
On this trip
There ain't no stopping this
Where we goin
We don't need roads…
Girl where you goin
You don't need clothes
Cuz it's getting hot
In this son of a bitch
Turn your cool up
To a hundred and 6
(Yeah x2)
Now you got the fever
If you dance up out your shoes
Then just fucking leave 'em
I'm looking sharper
Than a meat cleaver
Move your body
Like its having epileptic seizures
We win with three quarters
And we play for keepers
Detroit is back baby
Shit I'm a believer
We'll punch you
In the mouth
With these Illingsworth sounds
That are pumpin out
Of your speakers
And your earbuds
Either way we fuckin up
You niggas' eardrums


VERSE 2 (Doc Illingsworth)
Dirty ass Converse Chucks
And green polo
Sum his whole life story up
In a meme photo
I read books that only
Serve to make me more depressed
The thread count of my sheets
Is too low for success
Some fights end tight
Some unluckily
Got punched so hard once
A wheelchair materialized up under me
Tis but a scratch
I dig yo positivity but ay
"It's gonna take a miracle" they say
Hola mujer
Hope you kept the gato cleansed
now go and shoot boring music vids
With your mulatto friends
Dummies thought i was dying
When they saw that i lost hair
I like iPhones
But not proprietary software
Windows Phone 8
Samsung cellular
Developers developers
Developers developers
I got moms to buy me Ninja Turtles
When i pressured her
Now i'm forced to fix her computer
When it vexes her


VERSE 3 (Sean Uppercut)
See me, I'm like you
And I enjoy this train
But if i had my way
There would be a few changes
These seats right here?
Uncomfortable. Gaudy.
I'd get them all reupholstered
Like "Yeezy taught me"
And this is Detroit
And in Detroit, times are hard
So we'll accept EBT
WIc checks and bridge cards
It woulda been free
But bartenders need a fee
Cause 5-7 these happy hour
Half price on drinks (they on me)
Every stop... warming stations
For the chill in the winter
So you won't freeze your ass off
At Millinder Center
Replace the soundtrack
From this elevator muzak
And bump Cold Men Young
Clear Soul and Passalac
With the increased revenue
We'll end the recession
Long as City Council
Doesn't bend the progression
Vote Detroit CYDI
And we'll do the expansion
Have the People Mover lookin like
Manoogian Mansion

Track Name: Turtleneck & Blazer
Turtleneck and blazer 2x

The Savior's in your favor

In a turtleneck and blazer

Turtleneck and blazer 2x

Absolved of misbehavior

In a turtleneck and blazer

Turtleneck and blazer 2x

No need to sign a waver

In a turtleneck and blazer

I eat vanilla wafers

In my turtleneck and blazer

I'm faded like a taper

In my turtleneck and blazer

Turtleneck and blazer 2x

I read the Sunday paper

In my turtleneck and blazer

Turtleneck and blazer 2x

I'm bumping Major Laser

Wearing turtlenecks and blazers

Turtleneck and blazer 2x

Set stun on all my phasers

In a turtleneck and blazer

I think I caught the vapors

In a turtleneck and blazer

I'm smooth as Donald Draper

In my turtleneck and blazer

Turtleneck and blazer 2x

I got flavors to savor

In my turtleneck and blazer

Turtleneck and blazer 2x

I cut through like a saber

In a turtleneck and blazer

Turtleneck and blazer 2x

I sleep next to a geisha

In a turtleneck and blazer

I'm a spender not a saver

In a turtleneck and blazer

I'm guessing cheaper labor

Made my turtleneck and blazer
Track Name: Representation ft. Mic Phelps of Cold Men Young
VERSE 1 (Mic Phelps)
I do poetry and rap
At the same damn time
Smoke weed, fuck hoes
At the same damn time
But a nigga like me
Gotta switch my flow
Roll my L
Then hit my dro
No matter what
I'ma get my dough
I don't care about a whip
Where I can lift my door
I don't need no butler
To get my door
Cook my food
I can get my own
This my thrown
Whole lotta bad women
In my shows
And my skin light tone
Got way more to do
In here
Ask me what I'm
Doing here
I'm in the grill
Like a new veneer
And I'm higher
Than a motherfuckin' souvenir
Blow like there's a
Tuba here
Haters don't know
Who to fear
To boo or cheer
They new to here
And I grew up here
I'm the dude up here
Rep my town
Like I'm the mayor
I'm outa there
My niggas got them pills
Like Omnicare
No Damier
Shades on
Alley and Eye
Frames on
Bitch I'm on my
Vintage shit
Straight up
Independent shit
And yall niggas
The same clones
My lyrics be
Flame thrown
Women say my
Game strong
And they say my
Thang long
Shock G
Same song

Rep your planet
Rep your country
Rep your city
Rep your hood
Whether it's Saturn
Or Detroit
Or it's Inglewood
If that is where you
Lay your head at night
Make sure it's
No matter what's goin on
Around you
Your shit will
Always be good

I guess being good
Ain't good enough
So let me
Just be great
I'm the son
Of a Black Panther
So you know why
I'm irate
And I'm always workin hard
I wish you could see
What's on my plate
Have you seen
What's on my plate? (No)
Potatoes from a box (Gross)
Corn from a can
And some
Quote unquote steak
I try to give you
And keep this life
Uncensored (CANDID)
Life's an adventure
Shout out to the
Girls that scissor (CUTTIN)
You won't find me
Out all night
Or blacked out
On a bender
I'm a masochistic
With capitalist
Ventures (BASHIRA)
But I do love having
Supple nipples in my pincers (ROCK LOBSTER)
Lend me your ear
I'll give you something
To remember (LET'S VAN GOGH)
I am the truth
And Paul Pierce
Is not a contender (BALLIN)
You prob'ly
think I'm lyin
Like the universe defender (VOLTRON)
But that's fine though
On me
Don't waste your time on
Embrace me
And my ADHD
Don't know where
My mind's gone
If you find it
Gimme a call though
Without it
I'm feelin pretty lost out here
Like Waldo
Salute to bankruptcy
Looks like we all broke
So loot I must stash
Like Geraldo
Track Name: Crackin' Up
Okay, I'll admit it
I'm losing it
Don't know where my marbles
Ran off to
They're missing
It feels like
All the good parts of my life
Got a life sentence
Put in work
Wanna come in first
End up with honorable mention
My sanity
Has gone fishing
My personality's splitting
My baby girl
Has noticed I've been
Acting kinda suspicious
My right brain
Has strayed from me
I'm just making
Wrong decisions
I'd ask you
To pray for me
But that's wasting
One of your wishes
I swear to god
You don't get it
I've come to this
Everyday I can't concentrate
I'm less of all of my senses
I'm deficient
I'm not strong enough
To take anymore
Lord knows
There's not enough spinach
My reputation
And expectations
Low as my defenses
I'm feeling like
I should end it
I think I need
A prescription
Can you give me tons
Of depression drugs
Psych naw
You know I'm just kidding
Plus none of this
Is your business
Looks like this session
Is finished
But thank you, doctor
For listening
Track Name: 48 Hours
Oh my
Somebody else died
Bet it was Colonel Mustard
In the study with the pipe
Whoa, I swear to God
That I didn't do it
You must have no idea
At what time
I go to work
You gotta understand
Folks are tired of the blight
So it's not safe
In this neighborhood at night
I know, right?
Even if I was a murderer
There just no way
I'd do those awful things
To hurt her, sir
How'd I know it was
A her?
Let me think
I saw it
On the news first
Then I'm pretty sure
I saw it on the net
And then I got very scared
Yeah, that's it!
See I have this thing
About researching cases
I pay attention
To the names and faces
I'm pretty good
With forensic information
By the way
There's nothing
In the basement

If he ain't do it
Who did it?
Cause one of these
Sons of bitches
Needs to go to prison
They're all lyin
So I almost got 'im
But I only got
48 hours

They call me BR
For Bottom Rung
Hell yeah I can
Tell you where them bodies was
Them sluts wouldn't shut up
So I cut em up
You ain't notice somethin stunk
Like skunk in yo trunk
How you think I got these
Cuts on my thumbs
That's what happens
When I don't get what I want
I'm tellin you cause I'm a thug
And I don't give a shit
There may even be some blood
Where the lieutenant lives
There's nothing you can do
Cause I'm immune
Not diplomatic
Just a scumbag
Placing bombs in several rooms
You don't believe me
Sounds fishy, don't it?
I'm not bright enough
To rig up some explosives
I always gotta new skill
For you to discover
That's why you don't
Judge a crook by his cover
Either hit the dirt
Or take this dust and bite it
Go head and try me
If you think I'm lyin

If he ain't do it
Who did it?
Cause one of these
Sons of bitches
Needs to go to prison
They're all lyin
So I almost got 'im
But I only got
24 hours

That was one hell
Of a dream
But some of those things
Were way realler than they seemed
Shit, I'm runnin late
Surprised the lieutenant
Didn't call to
Set me straight
I left my pants in the washer
I'ma get sanctioned
What are all these giant knives
Doing in the basement?
Well, whatever
Wait... where is my gun?
I'm all out of sorts
I must've left it
In the trunk
Calm down
Maybe no one sees me
God damn you, Bottom Rung
Figuratively speaking
Feeling like there's blood
On my hands I can't stand
But I don't understand
How there's really
Blood on my hands
Look at all these body parts
How did he do it?
No it doesn't make sense
This is just stupid
Some detective I am
Cause now I finally see
That Bottom Rung
And his accomplice
Are both me

They don't exist
I did it
If I don't hit the bricks quick
I'ma go to prison
If I hurry up
I can be gone
Within the hour
But I remember something bout
BR bein' a bomber
Let me deduce
If I did it
Then I probably would've put it
Somewhere in the kitchen
What is this
Doin' in the fridge
A timer down to 6
5... 4...
Track Name: Affirmative
I can make a supermodel
Bend her knees
I can make you stand in line
For MP3s
I can make you say please
Cause I got more
Sweet 16s
Than 3 MTVs
(Don't believe me)
I can make you question
Everything you know
Make you ask how fast
Whenever I say go
Cause I'm fanciful
Equipped with classic quotes
And I'm handsome, folks
I can make it sound good
Even when it seems strange
I can make you wanna
Dance in the pouring rain
When your patience wanes
Better hope my
Voice is in range
To erase your pain
One more thang
And I know that I'm right
Without a fight
I can make you think twice
Where you'll never look at anything else
In the same light
I can make you
Change your life

Cream of the crop
Is he not?
That's affirmative
And cream always
Rise to the top
That's affirmative
Anything less
Is a sub par alternative
Copy that?
Yes, that's affirmative

I'm sure that your raps
Are a drag
I'm sure that I got
Better raps in my drafts
I'm sure that your dad's
On the drag
I'm sure being humble
Is bad
So sure I'ma brag
I'm sure I'm the man
I'm sure I was born
In Detroit
But I'm sure I belong
In Japan
Now let me think
Am I sure
I can hit the target
Using only
One shuriken?
C'mon, sure I can
I'm sure I don't have
Any flaw
I'm sure you will find
No slack in my jaw
I'm sure you will find
No lack in my draws
I'd sure like to act
As your bra
I'm sure a large
Part of me's nuts
But I'm sure
I'm no dunce
I'm sure I can
Flow until dusk
And yes, I am sure
I'm a player
And I've never lost once
I'm sure replay
Is a must
Track Name: Necessary ft. Brandi Kay
N-E-C-E-S-S-A-R-Y (repeated)

It's necessary (repeated)

Everything is necessary
Necessary 3x

Love, hate, sin
Sleep, words, highs
Birds, bees, trees, clouds
Water, sky, air

Love, hate, birds, bees
Trees, clouds, water, air

Love, life, pain, strife
Skin, sweat, sin, sex

Joy, touch, tears, lust
Dance, bass, come, taste

Joy (repeated)
Track Name: Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy ft. Detroit CYDI, Stryfe, Cold Men Young, Clear Soul Forces
CHORUS (Detroit CYDI & Stryfe)
Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy 4x

That's the moniker
I be crackin
Missile codes
I'm a little stinker
But you see me in
The Thinker pose
Hiding out in plain sight
Somewhere in the Poconos
Kissin Russian women
While I'm sittin under mistletoe

You can taste the flavor
In the sauce
Suit blacker than the smog
That just came
From my exhaust
The customized gators
Be so boss
To have 'em
You'll trade places
With your savior
On the cross

Fightin for my country
And I'm servin
On my call of duty
I'ma shoot the first person
Bombs blown
Make a jarhead
Break a jawbone
On my third tour
But my stage
Is a war zone

It ain't about
Tactics or gadgets
Or tricks that make politicians
Vanish like magic
It's the excitement
The thrill of this life
And finishin this verse
Without gettin sniped

CHORUS (Cold Men Young)

Don't allow
A sleazy chick to linger
Her rachetness conflicting with
My debonair demeanor
Cancel that batch
Not befitting of
The handsomest chap
To ever orchestrate
A government collapse

I thread these words
Together with such a majesty
The crowd be loiterin
When I be
Embroiderin this lavishly
Tap his female
Then I sap her V-gina
Then I cuff her
Him seem to be mad
When I tap his tree

Ice-T told niggas
To kill cops
Now cops kill
Niggas with iced tea
Now I need a iced tea
And a cop (Why?)
To kill while I'm
Drinkin iced tea

Don't be nervous
That's just 8th Street Latinas
In the back performing
Secret service on
The Secret Service
Shh, quiet
Murder at 16...

CHORUS (Clear Soul Forces)

Party while I
More Cs than
Needle reservoirs
When it's liquified
My pen can give you life
Like a symbiote

Gimme a needle and thread
A hundred counts what's in my sheets
To get you out of your bed
Toss and turn, turn and toss
The type of shit that I'm on
Remember niggas used to sleep
My flow memory foam

Blasting on my route to meet the wizard
Ducking your mortar rounds
Storm trooping through a blizzard
And even if I slip
And catch a bullet through my temple
My love for you is eternal
It don't need to be rekindled

Clancey couldn't tell
It's the espionage
It's instrumental for you to step
In my weapons collage
It's the concrete chameleon
lickin shots for the villains
Off the top of a pavilion
While blendin in with civilians

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